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What is Secondary School Apprenticeship?

Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) is a high school credit program that provides students 15 years of age and over with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school.  Students must be employed (paid) in an apprenticeable trade.  Please see for the list of trades that are recognized in B.C. Most students’ work does not interfere with their school day. SSA work can be completed on weekends, evenings, summer holidays, or on a special release from school if the timetable will permit. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on a trade while completing secondary school graduation.


  • Earn money while learning skills valued by employers
  • Get a head start in your career - an SSA student can be a "journeyperson" by the time they are 21.
  • Earn 16 credits towards graduation (4 courses worth 4 credits each)
  • Be eligible to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship.
  • Get $1,000.00 tax credit after completion of your Level 1

Click here for more details about this program and its evaluation process.