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Learning Online

​Wondering what it means to learn online?


Coquitlam Open Learning offers a broad selection of alternative learning opportunities for K-12 and Adult students. 

Online courses deliver curriculum over the web.  Some courses use textbooks while others are entirely web content.  Many courses utilize web tools such as classroom portals, blogs, wikis and other web 2.0 networking tools to allow students to learn socially.  Teachers also use Elluminate Live! - virtual meeting software - to bring students together using audio, video, whiteboards and other classroom-like tools, so students can learn together as a class, but from anywhere!  Not sure if you know how to do these things?  Don't worry, you are not left on your own to learn about these tools.  Even if you have never used a blog before, teachers requiring these activities will support you with skillbuilding lessons so you can become familiar with the tools.

Depending on the class you choose, some of our classes can also include face-to-face components, allowing you to meet periodically as a class and benefit from a classroom experience.  Alternatively, our Learning Centre courses are entirely self-paced, offer drop-in support as needed, and can be delivered in both online and paper-based formats.

Regardless of the format you choose, online courses require a certain degree of focus and self-motivation. Your teachers will help you develop a plan for success, but you must be motivated to put time into the course on a daily basis to ensure success.  Our teachers understand that you may not have a lot of experience with this way of learning, so they are there to help you, not only with your course materials, but also organizing your time and helping you become a competent online learner.  All our teachers can be accessed by email and have office hours for more personalized support, either online or in person.