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Continuing Education
School District No.43 (Coquitlam)
About CLC

About CLC



Read our "Welcome to CLC" Brochure​ 


Program Overview:

CLC is an alternate education option serving 7​0 students in Grades 9-12 with diagnosed mental health challenges (e.g., significant depression, anxiety and/or other mental health concerns) who have disengaged from school.  In partnership with community agencies, CLC is intended for students who have significant difficulties engaging in mainstream school settings.  CLC students learn in small groups and with differentiated 1:1 instruction.  Intensive support is provided for social-emotional needs.  Ongoing collaboration between students, families/caregivers, community agencies/therapists and CLC staff/school counsellor is a key feature of the program.  CLC is located in a quiet wing of the district's Continuing Education adult learning center.

CLC provides programming aimed toward graduation from the program or a
return to a mainstream pathway to graduation. Transition planning is
achieved through regular collaboration with student, family, school team
and support agencies. The program values care, adaptiveness/flexibility and
individualized support. CLC works to grow students’ mental wellness and
resilience in order that they increase engagement with learning and
build self-efficacy. Staff teaches in flexible classroom settings and
takes a self-paced, student-centered and strengths-based focus.


  • Setting for up to 70 students ages 14-18
  • Mental health support and agency collaboration
  • Small group instruction
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP's) are developed to meet each student's individual academic and life goals. 
  • Attendance monitoring and supportive follow-up
  • Opportunities for volunteering, field trips and curriculum enhancement
  • Youth Worker support
  • Assistance with transportation to agency appointments

CLC offers four daily blocks of self-paced and small group instruction.  Each morning includes a Connections block for students to build peer relationships and support their self-efficacy skills.​

CLC partners with a variety of community agencies and organizations and to offer volunteering opportunities for students.  CLC courses are supported with resources by several community-based organizations.  The CLC counsellor collaborates regularly with Tri-Cities (Port Moody) Office - Child and Youth Mental Health Services about individual students.


Referrals to CLC: Customized Learning Center are initiated by a student's home school administrator contacting the CLC Principal.  Students coming from out of district must contact Ms. Susan Ross, District Principal by phone at 604-937-8105 (Ext 105) or by email at  Priority is given to students currently registered in School District #43, Coquitlam and all referrals are considered through school-based team processes and CLC intake procedures.

The Customized Learning Centre (CLC) is located at Montgomery Centre at 380 Montgomery Street, Coquitlam, BC

How do students get in to CLC?

Students can only be referred ​by their home school in SD43. 

Criteria for referrals include:

• Will be in Grades 9 through 12 this September

​- Have a mental health diagnosis (requires physician's documentation).

• Are actively engaged in community mental health support and/or have a current community mental health team (e.g. MCFD, CYMH, I-CYMH)
• Have a current/up-to-date Category H IEP (Severe Mental Health)
• Do not have a pattern of externalizing their anxiety/depression in a way that is disruptive or harmful to others

Tony, our PADS dog

The CLC program is very fortunate to have Tony the PADS dog.  This friendly, gentle and very loving PADS dog has been in our program for a whole year now.  Students enjoy hanging out with him, giving him a pat, and just soaking up his calming effect.

Tony on the phone 2.jpg

Here are some FAQ's about CLC:

    • How can I find out how my child is doing in their coursework?
      • Reach out anytime to CLC teachers for updates.  Their names and emails are down below.   They can correspond with you by email or set up a phone or in-person meeting
      • In late October you will receive an interim report from the CLC staff
      • Ask your child for an update 

    • How does CLC staff track and follow up on attendance?
      • Students sign in and out everyday.  This data is reviewed weekly by myself and Will, Dannielle, and Kristen.  We follow up with students and parents/guardians if there are concerns
      • If you are going to be away, in the morning you are asked to text or email Dannielle (text at 778-879-2427).  This enables us to authorize your absence, as well as reach out to you if needed
      • I send out a monthly attendance report at month's end 

    • What is Connections?
      • Three times a week, for about 15-20 minutes, students gather in small or large groups to engage in a variety of activities intended to build social/peer relationships and learn more about the CLC program.  Kristen Paul is our Connections Department Head this year.  Connections is Tues/Thurs/Fri at 11:15-11:30am.
      • Kristen is looking for students to have a voice on Connections, please see her to join her committee 

    • Why are CLC's days so short? (i.e., a 'full day' of four blocks is 9:10am to 1:55pm)
      • Our schedule is built around some key considerations:
        • A delayed start and early dismissal enables our students to ride transit at less congested times, making this a less stressful experience
        • A short mid-morning break (5 minutes) and lunch (30 minutes) enables us to keep the day moving along quickly for our students.  Some students find unstructured breaktimes to be stressful.  As most students are not scheduled for four blocks every day, being in three consecutive blocks with short breaks is doable and even preferred by many.
        • A reminder that students are welcome to stay on until 3:15 to work on homework (i.e., Flex time).
        • Our daily schedule can be viewed here.

Continuing Education