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Summer Learning
School District No. 43(Coquitlam)
Secondary Skill Building: Grades 8 to 10

 Secondary Skill Building (non-credit) Courses offered in Summer 2018 (check back here in February 2019 for a list of projected courses for Summer 2019):

Coding: Info.&Communication Technology 9CENTENNIAL
English 10 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
English 9 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
English for School Success Grade 9-12CENTENNIAL
French 9/10 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
Home Economics/Culinary Arts 9/10CENTENNIAL
IB Math 10 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
IB Math 9 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
IB Science 9 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
Math 10 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
Math 9 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
Science 9 Skill BuildingCENTENNIAL
Secondary Music - Junior Concert BandCENTENNIAL
Tech Ed 8/9/10: Alternative EnergiesCENTENNIAL
Tech Ed 8-10: How Cars Work/Future CarsCENTENNIAL
Coding: Info.&Communication Technology 9GLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-Acoustic/Electric BassGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-DrumsGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-Electric GuitarGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-Piano/KeyboardGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-SaxophoneGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-Trumpet/TromboneGLENEAGLE
Junior Jazz-VibraphoneGLENEAGLE
Secondary Music - Junior Concert BandGLENEAGLE
Secondary Music - Junior Jazz BandGLENEAGLE
Secondary Music - Senior Concert BandGLENEAGLE
Secondary Music - Senior Jazz BandGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-Acoustic/Electric BassGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-DrumsGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-Electric GuitarGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-Piano/KeyboardGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-SaxophoneGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-Trumpet/TromboneGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-Trumpet/TromboneGLENEAGLE
Senior Jazz-VibraphoneGLENEAGLE

Dates and Times:

Program Dates: July 9 to 26
Program Times:

 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. OR 12:00 - 3:00 p.m.


 Registration Deadline:
 Registration starts in April

Summer Learning

380 Montgomery Centre, Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G2 , 604-936-4261