About C.A.B.E 

CABE is an alternative secondary school offering courses in Grades 10-12 that will enable students to acquire a Ministry of Education Dogwood or Adult Graduation certificate. CABE is the smallest enrolling district secondary school with approximately 200 students who choose this setting for its smaller class sizes and more personalized approach to student learning.  Many of the students who attend CABE have experienced social and behavior issues in previous educational settings including district secondary schools.  However, other students have made CABE their school of choice because of its operational philosophy.  CABE is also intended as a “re-entry” program to a regular high school for many students who have experienced difficulties in the past. Courses at CABE are self-paced with most set up to be completed within two to three months.  As previously mentioned, all courses completed at CABE satisfy Ministry of Education requirements towards high school completion.


C.A.B.E. - A Unique Alternative for Students Aged 15-18


  •  A two-course  plus one ellective scedule
  •  Flexibility- a student may take 1-3 courses at a time
  •  A later start and earlier finish than most high schools (9:00am- 1:25pm or 2:25)
  • A Teen Parenting program with an attached Childcare facility operated by the YMCA
  • A free breakfast program
  • A subsidized lunch program
  • Support from two youth workers and a Ministry of Child and Family Social Worker
  • Support and cultural participation with a First Nations Cultural worker
  • Involvement with a First Nations Youth worker from the school district
  • Recognition assemblies for course/workshop completion
  • Student participation at other high schools for sports/extra curricular
  • The option of taking elective courses in “blended programs” at neighboring high schools
  • An Outreach Program outside of the school day for those students who are working or not able to attend a full time educational program during traditional school hours
  • Online courses

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