• Cafeteria
    The cafeteria is a place where staff and students can go get a variety of lunch items to tend to their hunger needs. The lunches change day to day as Riverside students create the meals in our teaching kitchen. Here’s a typical weekly menu: on Tuesday there might be BBQ chicken and tomato rice soup; on Wednesday’s there may be fish and chips, gruyere, and cucumber salad with chicken noodle soup; on Thursday there could be bacon wrapped chicken, California rolls and squash chowder. As well, fresh pizza and BLT’S are served at the Rapid Stop in front of the cafeteria. For more information contact Ms. Mona Garga.
  • Career Resource Centre
    The Career Resource(s) Centre is open to all students who want any type of assistance and information relating to post secondary options, admission requirements, scholarship(s), careers and career planning. The Career Centre receives job postings, notices of volunteer opportunities and important admission and deadline information from universities and colleges, scholarship information and news about contests and events of interest to grade 9-12 students every day. Students can get help with resumes, the post secondary and scholarship application process, job interview preparation, college, and university and private training program/course research. Students should get into the habit of checking the ‘Career Centre’ site on a regular basis to stay informed.  The Career Centre is open from 9:30am to 2:30 pm daily in room 213.
  • Computer Information
    ​Get the computer account permission form signed by your parent/guardian, and see Mr. Brown for your personal password. Permission forms are available on the on our website, as is detailed information about school and district policies: www.riverside.sd43.bc.ca . There is a separate form you need to have signed for your personal computer to join the network. This form can be obtained from Mr. Brown or Mr. Shen.
  • Encounters with Canada
    Take part in the week-long Encounters with Canada program in Ottawa for only $675.  This program is offered 26 times a year and there are twelve different themes to choose from (check out www.ewc-rdc.ca). The theme only affects two days of the week (and affects guest speakers, workshops and possible field trips). Students attending any theme will visit Parliament and a museum, take a tour of the capital region, participate in lots of group activities and have fun meeting fellow students from across the country. See Ms. Bancroft or Ms. Wattamaniuk for more information.
  • Library: Check us out!
    Mrs. Kilpatrick, Ms. Holmgren, Mr. Bryan Gee
    Open: 8:00 – 4:00 every day (Except staff meeting Mondays)
    What can we do for you?
    -          Teach you how to find the right information fast
    -          Help with assignments and homework
    -          Teach you how to use online resources
    -          Provide entertaining books and magazines
    -          Show you how to cite your sources
    -          “Use the Library! We’re here to help.”
    -          A handy link to visit:
  • Peer Tutors
    Students needing extra help in any academic area can take advantage of Riverside’s Peer Tutoring program. Peer Tutors are available to work with students outside of class time in the library or in the counseling office. Students or parents can contact their counsellors to arrange for this service beginning in October.
  • Riverside Online
    Riverside’s school web site contains detailed information about courses, schedules, policies, staff, resources, and history. Riverside’s web site has a Public Site and a Staff/ Student Portal, the latter of which provides opportunities for students and teachers to explore different ways for delivering academic content. The Public Portal gives parents information about Riverside and its programs. Current information for parents & students will be posted under “Publications” on the homepage and will include items such as Newsletters, Letters to Parents, Important Forms, and copies of notes from presentations & meetings.  There is also a handy button to quickly email the school if your child will be absent.  If you’re looking for information about Riverside, it’s on our site: http://www.sd43.bc.ca/secondary/riverside
  • The Wave
    The WAVE is Riverside’s school store. It is operated by the students of the Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes and gives these students a hands-on experience structuring and running a real business. The products sold through The WAVE are determined by each new class, but generally include clothing (t-shirts, sweat pants, hoodies, toques, etc.) The WAVE is located on the upper concourse, North Side. See Mr. Rothenberger (room 224) if you have any questions.
  • Youth and Prevention Worker
    Ms. Bonnie Angstadt is Riverside’s youth worker and Ms. Karen O’Brien is a prevention program resource person who offers alcohol and drug information/education/support regarding drugs and alcohol to individual students. They give students the opportunity to talk with someone they can trust about personal problems, or anything that’s making it hard for them to concentrate on their school work. They offer programs like Kick the Nic and other support group programs for students throughout the school year. “Kids can come to me with any kind of problem, and there isn’t any form of judgment. Basically, I feel that if people make a mistake, and they learn a lesson from it then it was valuable. I believe kids should have someone they can trust and have faith in,” said Bonnie. Ms. Bonnie Angstadt A266, Ms. Karen O’Brian A264
  • YWCA Mentorship Program
    This program is open to all girls in grade 11 & 12. We offer the opportunity to meet and interact with professional women in the work world.  You are matched up with a women/mentor in the Career /post-secondary area you are interested in. This is a great way to find out more about a career or degree before committing your time to it.  Only girls who are willing to commit to the program are selected as the Mentors spend a lot of their time with you either visiting Universities, their job sites, just having coffee and talking or participating in a service event. From police to scientist to designer to actress, most career areas have mentors who look forward to meeting you – it’s lots of fun with events and food. Stay tuned for information from the Career Centre site for the meeting date in September. You must attend to be considered for the program.
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