Welcome to Riverside!  We are very proud of the supportive environment and the opportunities that our staff provides for our students. Whether it is our teachers, clerical staff, youth worker, S.E.A.s, support staff, or custodians it is evident that we care about the students that walk through these halls. I know that this is a place where students can find a place to excel.  I strongly encourage you to find a way to connect to this place; we know that being connected to a community increases the likelihood of success. Find something here that you enjoy or are passionate about. The opportunities abound, ranging from highly competitive athletic programs, the academics, fine and performing arts, leadership, to clubs that promote social justice and global awareness. There are so many great ways to connect and get involved in school life. I wish you all the best in your transition from middle school, and am confident that your next four years here will be memorable as we work together to make this school an even better place than it already is.


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