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Hello Parents, Families and Caregivers,

If you are looking for more information about the FRIENDS Program, and/or your child is taking the program at school, you have come to the right place. In this website you will find information about the program, the FRIENDS steps, and importantly how you can support your child with the FRIENDS skills at home.

This website is for parents of children and youth, ages 9 - 13 and has recently been updated with new resources, tips and information for parents.  

As you navigate through this site, and click on the main menu items across the top, you will learn About Us and BC FRIENDS, Facts about the BC FRIENDS program in school and at home, and about many of our parent resources and tips that can be used at home with your entire family. New!!! a parent blog and discussion group where you can connect with other parents and share skills and resources that are helping children who are feeling anxious. Click here to read.

To begin, simply click on the 'Introduction' tab above to learn about anxiety and how the FRIENDS program can be used at home, using the steps of F R I E N D S and their related skills for each step.  If you would like to watch a sample workshop explaining the program and steps in more detail, click here.

You will find parent-friendly tip sheets and resources that you can either download and view from your computer, or, you may choose to print them for your personal use. We hope that you enjoy learning more about the FRIENDS program and the videos, parent tips and resources provided throughout this website.  We welcome your feedback  so we can continue to further enhance this website for parents and families.

In case you might be interested in younger years, we also have an 'early years' website for parents of children ages 4 - 7 years - Fun FRIENDS. Check it out!



Please note: This website (video segments and corresponding materials) are not meant to replace the services or expertise of your doctor or any professional you may be working with. This website is for educational purposes only.