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PAC Meeting Monday, October 26th in School Library from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


We invite you to come out and spend some quality time with us, feel free to bring a friend.  



PAC EXECUTIVE 2015 - 2016




 President:   Irene Barlas-Rimar

Treasurer:  Bruce Meek

Secretary:  Gina Johnstone

Fundraising Coordinator:  Janet Hasen

Health and Safety Coordinator:  Rhonda Holman

Parent Communications Coordinator: Ornit Benzvi and Leslie-Ann Keenan

District Parent Advisory Council Representative: Teri Towner

Parent Education Coordinator:  Jennifer McKinnon

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: VACANT

Member At Large: Vijay Dass

Member At Large: Jody Hesse

Member At Large:

PAC Representative to School Planning Council: Deb Mueller

School Planning Council:  Sharon Arnold

School Planning Council: VACANT

 Fundraising Events

 All Year Thrifty's Cards - 5% of amounts loaded on the cards through-out the year comes back to the school to purchase LCD Projectors
All Year Campbell's Soup Labels - points for labels can be redeemed for equipment for the school - instruments, sports equipment, and electronics!



LCD Projector Document Camera.JPGLCD Projector Document CameraParent Advisory Council
PowerPLAY.JPGPowerPLAYParent Advisory Council
MONTY PAC parent board - purchases.JPGMONTY PAC parent board - purchasesParent Advisory Council


PAC Meeting Dates:

Sept. 18, 2013
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