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Les Flammes (Fire)   Les Tornades (Tornado)   Les Rapides(Water)
Ms. Castonguay**   Mr. Mak**   Mr. Burnett **
Ms. Munday    
Mme Manton   Ms. Hotell/ Ms. Clements  
Ms. Rotzien     Ms. Lange
Mr. Seah     Ms. Kehler
  Mme Mannavarayan/ Mme Alves   Mme Spring 
Mr. Yuen**     Mme Toor 
Student Services    Strong Start   Explorations
Ms. Roberts**     Ms. Hyvarinen  

Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Seah

  Ms. Bolli - Home Arts
Ms. Bolli        Ms. Guo - Social Emotional Learning
Ms. Guo - Counsellor      Mr. Kennedy - Tech. Ed.
Mr. Ford

Ms. Jung - VP/ EAL
  Mr. Seah - Music/ Band/ Choir
Mr. Yuen   Mr. Yuen - Digital Literacy
Ms. Allan - SEA

Support Staff

Ms. Brookes - Head Secretary
Ms. Woodman - BCESIS
Ms. Abbinante - Eng. TA
Mme Lee - Frimm TA

Ms. Exley - Community HUB Youth Worker

Mr. Dondo - Community HUB Coordinator

Mr. Plul - Caretaker

Mr. Simonsen - Caretaker

Ms.Pennybottom - Caretaker

 ** - Team Leaders        

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