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Principal's Blog > Posts > April 15, 2012 – Stanley Cup, Fundraising, Next, Behavior!
April 15, 2012 – Stanley Cup, Fundraising, Next, Behavior!


Porter Hockey League Wraps Up

In a close-played best of three series, the Montreal Canadians narrowly won the Porter version of the Stanley Cup, edging the Ottawa Senators by only one goal. Congratulations to all the students who played on teams during the season! Many thanks to the set up crew and to Mr. Mariotti and Mr. Colbourne who organized the league! Now, if only the Canucks could…

I think the best feature of the PHL was the mix of French Immersion / English program, boys / girls on each team. The children have enjoyed a great opportunity to get to know each other better. I see some of this transferred outside to soccer and capture the flag games. It’s great to see the new friendships that emerged.

Porter Branches Out to Help Others

Four Porter Grade 5 students ran a fundraiser over several weeks to raise money for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation! They are directing the funds to Pediatrics to help out sick children. The amount – nearly $300! They will be presenting a cheque to the Foundation soon. Great job Solomon, Alex, James and Brooke! And thanks to all those children who supported the sale!


Next Week and Upcoming

Please join us in the gym at 11:00 am on Monday for the PAC-sponsored presentation of “The Wheat in the Barley”! That same day, Idelire – French authors – come to Porter to share French literature with the children, and, our choir goes to Lakeshore to perform! Busy day!

On Wednesday, you are welcome back for our Month End Gathering (yes, it’s a week early), featuring several musical presentations. The gathering begins at the usual time of 9:10 am. Please note that the Como Lake Relays are cancelled this year.

Thursday, Porter becomes a Polling Station for the local by-election. If you are voting at Porter, please enter via the south front entrance (that’s the one on the left).

Friday – there is no school for children that day as it is a Professional Development Day for teachers!

I forgot to erase the Friday, April 27th PAC Movie Night from my calendar. This event is cancelled due to a busy schedule!

Behavior at Porter

Across North America, wherever schools run a schedule similar to ours, November, February and May are peak months for behavior incidents. This year is no different at Porter, except that each of these months have arrived one month early. So, we are experiencing our “May” now in April. Over the years, I’ve spoken to many students about why May (read “April” this year) is a difficult month. Reasons include: allergies, lack of sleep, sports pressures, more intense curriculum responsibilities, the end is in sight but still far away, and plain old getting tired of peers.

To help the children, we are emphasizing the WITS program. We teach the children that whenever they get into a situation they have only four choices for action: Walk away; Ignore; Talk it out; and Seek help. There is no “K” for kick, or “P” for punch. We remind the children that “Talk it out” means starting whatever one says with the word “I” as in “I don’t like…” or “I want…” or “I need…”. We call this an “I” message. To this, we will add the simple strategy of remembering to use their three magic phrases – please, thank you and excuse me – which go a long way to helping others get that one is being respectful.

I remind children that if all of the above strategies don’t work, and sometimes they don’t, they need to go to their teacher or come to me for the next step. Strategies like the ones above are simple, but not always easy to use, so the children need our support at school and at home to have a successful final term!


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