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April 6 – Easter Edition!


On behalf of the Porter Street Learning Community I wish you all a great Easter weekend. Joyeuses paques!

Welcome to New Staff

We have welcomed two new staff members to Porter since Spring Break. They are: Mme Danesin, who is teaching French Immersion Learning Assistance, and Ms Simpson-Ferguson, our new Noon Hour Supervisor! We are also enjoying having a visiting German university student and teaching candidate, Anne Rosar, working as a volunteer at our school. She is doing a home stay with the Eigenmann’s, a Porter family.

Mme Crowe’s Reading Tips – Next Installment

As you read to your children, encourage them to SUMMARIZE WHAT HAS BEEN READ. Good readers restate the gist of the text in their own words. To help your children internalize this reading strategy, try the following activities:

· ask your child to retell the story in his or her own words

· help your child to identify the main events that helped to move the story towards the conclusion

· train your children to monitor their own comprehension. As you read, pause periodically and ask them the 5 Ws : Who ? When ? What ? Where ? Why ? These questions will help them to understand the story and to grasp the main points.

Street Proofing Your Children

Due to some recent events, the RCMP would like to offer parents some suggestions to help “street-proof” their children. One can go to their website here to get information. The RCMP did not send this information as an alert.

Coquitlam Principal’s and Vice-Principal’s Association 11th Annual In Motion Event for Cancer Research


clip_image002I mentioned this event in my March 9th blog! I am forming a “Porter Team”. This qualifies us for a door prize – the last two years we have won library books! Please let me know ( if you plan to attend the event, and I will send you an entry form for each participant, and place your name on my team list! 

There is no entry fee. Organizers ask for a minimum donation of $10.00. You can also make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society online – please see below!

As you can see, the date is Sunday, April 22nd at Terry Fox Secondary School (map). The event kicks off at about 8:30 am. There is plenty of parking. One can run, walk, roll or, well, use just about any other way, to get around the 2, 5 or 10k course. It’s fairly flat, scenic and safe!

If you choose, make your online donation at:

Registration information can be obtained at local schools or by visiting the School District Website at:


On Monday, April 16, please feel free to join us for the PAC-sponsored presentation “The Wheat in the Barley”. We’re looking forward to hearing their music!

Middle School visits begin in earnest this month, as each middle school administrative team, usually with leadership students, meet with future Grade 6s!

Join us for our Month End Gathering at 9:10 am on Wednesday, April 18th. It’s a week early to accommodate the choir schedule. We plan to feature our choir and several more class presentations that day!

Porter is a Polling Station on April 19th for the local by-election.

April 20th is a Pro-d Day for us. School will be closed that day.

Como Lake Middle School Grade 5 parent night is April 26th at 6:30 pm at Como Lake Middle School.

PAC Movie Night – April 27th!

Report Cards

Parents can expect Progress Reports to come home for children by the end of April. The progress report is a form of report card. It is less detailed than the normal format, but will provide parents with a good snapshot of how students are progressing. At present, we are planning for April 27th as a send-home date. Staff will confirm a date on Tuesday, April 10th. As always, if parents have any questions or concerns about their child’s progress, I recommend contacting the teacher.


PAC PJ Night - April 27

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the number of other events over the next few months. We invite families to come out to our Family Night on May 25!
at 4/12/2012 9:29 PM

PAC PJ Night - April 27

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the number of other events over the next few months. We invite families to come out to our Family Night on May 25!
at 4/13/2012 11:48 AM

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