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February 14, 2012 – Rough and Tumble Play

Rough and Tumble Play Presentation

Rough and Tumble ImageStaff and parents are welcome to attend a “Rough and Tumble Play” presentation with Dr. Michelle Tannock on February 16th at Baker Drive Elementary. Below is a brief description of the presentation:

Young children gravitate toward opportunities to engage in varied forms of play. Physical interactions during play, while thoroughly enjoyable, can be complex and difficult for adults to interpret, particularly when play appears to be aggressive. Although often misinterpreted as aggression, rough and tumble play affords unique opportunities for the development of physical, social and cognitive competency. This presentation will illustrate research on rough and tumble play and consider the distinct behavioral expressions of young children. Perspectives of educators and families who appraise, consider, and intervene in guiding the play will be examined as rough and tumble play is considered within a framework of normative child growth and development.

Please see the flyer on our website under “Publications” for registration information.

Contact Information: Susan Foster, Tri-Cities ECD Community Development Coordinator. Tel 604-777-8706. Email to, and visit the website at


What a great presentation!

I attended this presentation last year and she is a great speaker!  Rough and tumble play is something I used to discourage in my home. This presentation really opened my eyes. It addresses why children like to play rough and the positive things that can come from it.
at 2/16/2012 8:10 PM

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