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Career and Trade Programs at Coquitlam Open Learning

Coquitlam Open Learning is now providing a number of career preparation and trade training experiences.  Through our partnerships with the BC Industry Training Authority, Post-Secondary Institutions and local community businesses, we are able to provide students with unique and highly valuable work experiences and credit opportunities that help students fast-track their chosen career path.

Secondary School Apprenticeship allows students who are employed in an apprenticable trade to gain up to 16 credits towards high school graduation while earning apprenticeship hours towards official trade certification.  This amazing program opportunity is the best way for students who have career goals to reach them quickly while still completing high school.

Work Experience is a way for students to get credit for entering the workplace.  Teachers can help place you for volunteer experience or, if you have a job or plan on getting one, your teacher will help you turn that work into an applied learning experience that gets you credit towards graduation.

Full-Time Experience Work Programs are designed for students who already have a clear career focus but cannot take a job or get apprenticable hours towards certification because those job opportunities only exist during the day and conflict with school hours.  Coquitlam Open Learning can provide all the academic courses needed for graduation while using SSA credit for the elective portion of the student's program, allowing students to work during the day and learn on their own time so that both learning and workplace needs are met and the student can get their career started.


If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact our career program coordinator:

Brett McLean -


We will be happy to help you find the experience you need to get you through to graduation and started with your career all at the same time!