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Here you will find periodic postings of reading sites and interesting articles on the topic guessed it...reading.  Enjoy!
~ Jacquie Bischoff, Smiling Creek Teacher-Librarian

Summer Games?
June 18, 2019

Anything learning-related does not have to be a summer-break bummer. This list of the best summer learning games, provided by Common Sense Media, has titles that are just as engrossing as other at-home games but come with the added bonus of being teacher-approved. These games have what makes games great (player agency, just-one-more-turn game play, and challenging scenarios) plus learning outcomes seamlessly blended into the experiences. The results are awesome, super-secret learning games kids will find fascinating. Have fun!

Best Summer Learning Games - Common Sense Education.pdf

Summer Reading? Oh yes!
May 31, 2019

Have fun reading and earn a medal!  The 2019 Summer Reading Club has arrived.  This year's theme ~ Imagine the Possibilities ~  has been presented to the students by the Coquitlam Public Library staff and information will be coming home soon.  See their web site for more information or head on into a branch.  Keep the students engaged and reading over the summer months. Click here for more information.



Meeting the Writers

April 17, 2019

There is nothing like meeting and engaging with the authors and illustrators of books to engage a child, particularly if the book involves creatures and characters that we may not see or experience in our day to day lives, or perhaps the book has been turned into a movie that the child is more familiar with, not knowing that it started out a s book series. 

Andrew Buckley.jpeAll students in Grade 2 to 5 had the pleasure of meeting a live author - Andrew Buckley. He shared how he got started in writing, where he gets his ideas, and how important it is to have a message for your readers when you write. Learn more about Andrew Buckley at

 CC.jpeThe Grade 1 classes participated in an author Skype session with Cressida Cowell, author of the How to Train Your Dragon book series.  See a replay of her Skype session here. Students can also visit her web site at to learn more about what inspired her to write.


Reading ANYTHING Improves Reading!

March 28, 2019

At Smiling Creek, the library philosophy remains strong that READERS CHOICE is extremely important!

Imagine for a moment that you have just walked into the public library excited to read the newest book that is all the rage, and as you are browsing the shelves, the librarian approaches you and says that you can ONLY check out a book that is housed on ONE particular shelf.

Hmmm, how would your reading motivation change?  How excited are you going to be, having been TOLD that you must read something in particular that you may not want to?  What if that particular book was the newest cookbook?  The #1 Best Seller for “How To Invest” and you were just told that you were not ALLOWED to borrow non-fiction books (but others can)?

Let’s allow kids to read what THEY find exciting, what motivates them to want to read (not what YOU want them to read) because isn’t that the goal?  If kids are visiting the library WANTING to read, then we as grown ups have done a good job!   It only takes ONE great book/ magazine/ graphic novel to get kids hooked on reading; we just need to find it!  In addition, we have to acknowledge that ‘reading’ no longer means just print on a page. ‘Text’ can be a page in a book, a web site, objects being used to inspire a story - essentially anything they are getting information from.  In today’s society, children are growing up learning to ‘read’ both text in combination with pictures/icons, sometimes more images than text, whereby they are using interpreting skills to understand meaning….. hmmm sounds a bit like graphic novels, no?

So please remember: Reading ANYTHING improves reading.

Research proves that reading alone subconsciously raises success levels of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary etc.  So if you would like to help your child develop their literacy skills, allow them the freedom of choice to read what they want to, and read often! Read with them, discussing pictures on the page. Build stories, look at letter patterns, help your child engage in 'reading'.



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