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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Immigrant Youth in Schools


​​​​​​​​The aim of the Immigrant Youth Worker program is to support newcomer students (immigrants and refugees) in grade 9 to 12. This program is currently available at Pinetree Secondary School. Services provided are:

  • Offering school orientation and follow-up services to help students adjust to school environment

  • One on one counselling/dealing with students’ emotional, social and academic issues

  • Connecting students to resources in schools (Career Resource, Library, Clubs, and etc.)

  • Helping students secure employment and volunteer opportunities

  • Supporting students with college/university applications

  • Providing home visits if needed

In addition, the Immigrant Youth Worker provides various after school and extra-curriculum programs in schools and in the community to address newcomer students’ different needs including:

  • ​​Field trip to Downtown Vancouver for FlyOver Canada and ice skating

  • ​Field trip to Mackin House Museum, Coquitlam

  • Field trips to Simon Fraser University and Douglas College

  • Attending information sessions at Douglas College and BCIT

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Immigrant Youth Clubs

Pinetree Secondary School

Pinetree Global Group

 A diverse group created by students and the Immigrant Youth Worker, to support and learn from one another. It's a place to celebrate our differences and similarities as we navigate through life in Canada. 

Our group is dedicated to helping newcomers with a variety of topics such as information and orientation, policies, procedures, post-secondary education, volunteer and/or community involvement, community connections, employment, global issues, community issues, personal issues, and other various topics. 

We are a group of many cultures and full of different backgrounds and personal and cultural history/stories. 

We do not judge or discriminate, and we are encouraged to listen to, support, and encourage one another in the most positive, respectful, and efficient way. It is also a group to have fun and do activities together to build strong connections and grow our resources. 

We meet weekly throughout the year. 

You can follow on Instagram @pinetreeglobalgroup, but all official communications and announcements will be through this TEAMS. 

When:  Wednesdays after school from 3:15 - 4:30pm

Where:  Cafeteria (unless otherwise specified)

For more information contact: -

Amanda Walraven at (604)-319-2049 or at

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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

1080 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 0M6
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